Aftermovie : the MAGPIE project has simulated its own Dragon’s Den and the demonstration “GHG Tooling” developed by TNO has won the game

On the 15th February in Rotterdam, our consortium has had the pleasure to meet up and to play an innovative game: the “Dragon’s Den”. Inspired by the popular TV show, our 10 demonstrations and 3 digital tools have been introduced to a jury of ports. The most concrete, innovative and attractive for the market have been elected and congratulated. The “GHG Tooling” led by TNO, the “Autonomous e-truck” led by DAF Trucks and the “Hybrid shunting locomotive” led by Port of Rotterdam and Prorail have been awarded with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The objective of this serious gaming was to reflect on the market adaptation of our demonstrators. Asking our technical partners to think about their work from a different angle was a very relevant exercise. Discover some images of this exciting day by watching our aftermovie.

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