Stakeholders groups

The MAGPIE project is widely supported by external stakeholders from many different industrial and maritime sectors. Our living lab approach facilitates the involvement of relevant stakeholders in the energy transition, which are not directly involved in the consortium.

External stakeholders provide input for the different demonstrations and participate in the dissemination of our results in their respective market segment.

Transport modalities, energy supply companies, regulators, and local communities are represented and dispatched in 6 different stakeholders groups:

  • Civil society and governments (local, national, European)
  • Inland waterway transport professionals
  • Road transport professionals
  • Rail transport professionals
  • Energy sector (clean & fossil) professionals
  • Port authorities and port-based industry

Advisory Board

Besides that, another group has been formed to represent local and european sectors that will be the most directly affected by the results of the project: the Advisory Board.

They have access to all content. They will attend the general assembly and dedicated feedback sessions, so as to ensure the market uptake of the demonstrated technologies.

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