Insightful review meeting in Brussels with the European Commission’s CINEA

The European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) is the project office responsible for the follow-up of MAGPIE. They invited our consortium for a review meeting after the first 18 months of work. It took place on the 30th May. The Port of Brussels authority generously proposed to host this meeting, which gathered around 20 participants. The CINEA invited external experts to enrich the technical discussion. The MAGPIE consortium was represented by Port of Rotterdam’s project management team and by the work package leaders, from different organizations. This is part of the continuous reporting process which is a crucial success factor in Horizon 2020 projects. All deliverables and demonstrations led for the MAGPIE project are evaluated throughout this process. The aim is to gain return on experience and improve the available knowledge in the fields of study. 

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