TRA Conference in Lisbon

From the 14th to 17th of November 2022, the “Transport Research Arena” (TRA) Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal. This conference aimed at highlighting the efforts made by the European research & development in the transport sector. Each of the 4 days had a main topic. Ports were highlighted throughout the program, as they play a decisive role in reaching the goals set by the European “Green Deal”: 55% less emissions by 2030.

On the 16th of November, the emphasis was on: “Innovative Infrastructure for Europe 2030”. This is the primary reason why our project MAGPIE present on this same day. We want to shape the Green European port of the future, by 2030, 2040 and finally 2050.

Between 8:30 and 10:00, in the poster presentation area, our scientific coordinator Maarten Flikkema presented his conference paper written on the approach chosen for conducting MAGPIE.

Later during the day, at 12:45, another MAGPIE presentation took place at the European Commission’s agora, located on slot 2.14 in the expo area. Maarten Flikkema went into more technical details on the demonstrations carried out under the MAGPIE project, as AIVP’s José Sanchez shared some insights on the project’s stakeholder engagement plan.

Learn more about this event : TRA Conference – Transport Research Arena | TRA Conference

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MAGPIE pitch by Maarten Flikkema, at TRA
MAGPIE pitch “Towards the European Green Port of the future” by Maarten Flikkema, Port of Rotterdam, at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference in Lisbon.
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