The MAGPIE & PIONEERS interactive workshop at the ESPO conference

In parallel to the General Assembly of the ESPO, non-member participants are invited to attend an interactive workshop on the “Smart Green Port of the Future”. This session will take place on Wednesday 24th April for 3:30 to 5:30, at the Hotel Square Louvois in Paris, France.  

MAGPIE and PIONEERS, the two flagship green port projects of the European Commission, will share insights on their innovative solutions for the maritime sector. The session will be formatted as a “Dragon’s Den” game, in which some of the projects’ demonstrators will compete to obtain funding to market their proposed solution. The ESPO members will participate in this game by acting as the jury and voting for the winners.

MAGPIE (led by the ports of Rotterdam, HAROPA, Sines, and Deltaport), and PIONEERS (led by the ports of Antwerp-Bruges, Barcelona, Constanta, and Venlo) will each pitch two technological demonstrations that these projects have been developing. Over the past three years, the sister projects have initiated their demonstrations, and now it is time to receive feedback from the European ports’ community.

This interactive workshop is a great opportunity for port authority representatives from the European Union to learn more about two interesting projects related to the green and digital transition, both essential topics within the industry. Central to the discussion is the question of “transferability”. How relevant is the technology for other port areas? What strategies can be employed to facilitate the transfer of technological solutions to other ports? Do these technological solutions have good business cases? The insights gained through the workshop discussion will significantly contribute to the future work of MAGPIE & PIONEERS. Your perspectives and returns on experience can help shape this new step for the maritime industry.

The audience is limited to 50 participants, so please book your seat: 


The MAGPIE project is organizing this interactive workshop with the help of the ESPO secretariat, on behalf of the two EU projects MAGPIE & PIONEERS.

Any question? Contact: for MAGPIE and for PIONEERS.

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