Winner of the Dragon’s Den: Greenhouse Gas Tool

On February 15th, the MAGPIE project hosted a Dragon’s Den session during which the various demonstrators and tools tried to showcase their marketability and adaptation capacity to different port contexts. The jury, which consisted of the fellow ports (Port of Rotterdam, HAROPA PORT, Deltaport, and Port of Sines) and a representative from EFIP (the European Federation of Inland Ports), chose to invest the most money into the tooling projects. This shows that the GHG emissions tracking tool is deemed a vital tool for the energy transition in ports. The tool is part of Work Package 4 of the MAGPIE project.

Interview with Jorrit Harmsen, Senior Consultant – Mobility & Built Environment with TNO

–              What is the GHG tool?

This tool will enable users to calculate the Greenhouse emissions of logistics supply chains and identify the effects of emission reduction measures. The tool includes emissions of maritime transport, hinterland transport (road, rail and Inland Navigation) and transhipment for all main cargo types (such as containers, liquid bulk and dry bulk). Besides calculating the current level of emissions, the tool will also identify the effects of (a combination of) reduction measures. This includes the application of alternative energy carriers, technical efficiency measures and logistics innovations.

Ports and other stakeholders can use this tool for emission reporting purposes (scope 3 emissions in CSRD) and for strategic decision-making to comply with future emission legislation.

In the Magpie project, a first version of the tool will be delivered that focuses on the network of the Port of Rotterdam. As a first application, the tool will be used to assess the uptake potential of the different Magpie demonstrators.

–              Can the tool easily be applied in different ports?

We think that the methodology and knowledge on emissions can be transferred to other ports. We are currently assessing this with the MAGPIE fellow ports. As part of the Magpie roadmap, high-level insights into the tool will be made available.

–              How would the “investment” of the Dragon’s Den jury support you in the development of the tool?

It was a pleasure pitching our tool to the jury. They gave great feedback and advice. It was nice to hear from the jury that our tool fits their needs and that we are on the right track. This gives me and my colleagues from TNO and TU Delft a great boost to continue working on the development of the tool.

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