WP9 – Thinking about Green Ports of the future

Participants from several MAGPIE partners had an intensive and exciting kick-off at the Port of Rotterdam! With great support from Flatland Agency, the team has been thinking about Green Ports of the future to develop a Bold Vision. So many new ideas for 2030 – 2040 – 2050 have been shared and launched. It was great to combine all the ideas from various angles and experts. The result of the day will soon follow.

From Flatland Agency, credits to Tom and Tomas.

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MAGPIE pitch by Maarten Flikkema, at TRA
MAGPIE pitch “Towards the European Green Port of the future” by Maarten Flikkema, Port of Rotterdam, at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference in Lisbon.
Cross projects collaboration: PIONEERS Conference
PIONEERS’ ambition is to implement green port innovation demonstrations in order to address the challenge for European ports of reducing GHG emissions while remaining...
Hybrid-electric shunting locomotive
Currently rail connections between the terminal and the shunting area is done using diesel locomotives as there is no overhead line in place for the last/first mile.